Sir John Lillie

Primary School

Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning


At Sir John Lillie Primary Computing is used widely throughout the school as both a part of the new 2014 computing curriculum and as a tool to enhance learning across other subjects. As part of this new curriculum children will develop their understanding of not only how computers and networks work, but also develop their knowledge of coding and even start to develop their own simple programmes. Children develop their skills in order to feel confident using word processing, spread sheets, presentation and media software as part of their daily curriculum work; all skills that are invaluable in and out of the school setting.


In today's modern environment it is important that children are digitally literate and are able to use the internet and other forms of communication tools. To ensure all our children’s safety we teach the importance of E-Safety. This is done both in the classroom and as a whole school approach by participating in ‘Safer internet day’. Children are encouraged to vocalise any concerns that they have and recognise the dangers of using these systems.


We encourage pupils to start using IT equipment from the first day they start school. The nursery is equipped with whiteboards, which are used by teachers and pupils alike; other equipment such as Beebots help introduce children to control language such as ‚Äčalgorithms.‚Äč


Throughout the rest of the school we are fortunate enough to have a wide variety of hardware and software products available to all children. Ipads are used widely throughout the school to enhance children’s learning and all of our laptops have recently been updated to ensure children are using the most up to date equipment. To further facilitate this the school has a Wi-Fi network distributed throughout the school so that children can take advantage of access to the network whether they are in a classroom, the studio, communal hall areas, or even in our community room.


Outside of school children are able to keep in touch with their classmates and teachers through our  blog. This, along with our school website is also an invaluable tool for communicating to the wider school community; sharing the children's learning and achievements as well as general information about our school.