Sir John Lillie

Primary School

Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning


At Sir John Lillie Primary we promote a love of learning across the whole curriculum, here you will find information related to our teaching of English. 


Reading Information

Our aim with reading at Sir John Lillie Primary is to promote a love of reading, whilst obviously developing children's literacy skills, such as, decoding, infering, deducing and analysing texts. 

Throughout our school reading schemes are used. Different year groups use slightly different schemes, this is in order to provide a variety of books, characters, authors and styles. 

All children are expected to take home a reading book on a regular basis, everyday in Upper School and twice a week in Lower School. 

Reading Schemes:

Foundation Stage: Collins Big Cats, Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds and Rigby Star.

Lower School: Oxford Reading Tree, Song Birds and Big Cats. 

Upper School: Oxford Reading Tree and Treetops


One strategy to support reading is through teaching synthetic phonics, which is learning the sounds of letters and then blending them together to decode words. 

Phonic sessions are taught every day in the Foundation Stage and Lower School using 'Letters and Sounds'. During these sessions children work in groups depending on their current level of understanding, this allows for supported and personalised teaching. Children may move groups throughout the course of the year as they progress further in their knowledge and understanding of phonics.


Upper School also use phonic teaching during english sessions both to help children read and also spell.  This strategy is used as appropriate.

Reading at Sir John Lillie Primary