Sir John Lillie

Primary School

Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning

Governor Committees

The Governing Body meets three times a year, as a minimum.  This meeting enables governors to support, question and ratify the strategic direction of the school, through reports (verbal and written) provided by senior leaders in the school.  


In addition to the full governing body, all governors sit on one of two committees;

Learning & Achievement or Resources. 


Learning & Achievement Committee:

Chair of committee: Rev Matt Hogg

Members: Mr James Doheny, Ms Olivia Donkor, Miss Amanda Bates,

Ms Michelle Tillman, Mrs Sue Hayward (Headteacher).


Resources Committee:

Chair of committee: Ms Sue Hardwick

Members: Mr James Doheny, Mrs Sue Hayward (Headteacher), Ms Nicola Buckmaster  


The following governors have full voting rights in Full Governing Body Meetings and Committee meetings.


Ms Nicola Buckmaster

Mr James Doheny (Chair of Governors)

Ms Olivia Donkor

Mr Matt Hogg (Vice Chair & Chair of Learning & Achievement Committee)

Ms Sue Hardwick (Chair of Resources Committee)

Mrs Sue Hayward (Headteacher)

Mrs Michelle Tillman


This page details the required information related to governance at

Sir John Lillie Primary School. 


This page will be updated regularly and additional information may be added as appropriate.  If any you require any further information not detailed here, please feel free to contact the school office.