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Homework is given each week to all pupils in Lower School and Upper School. Within the Early Years Foundation Stage; key words, reading books and other homework activities are given on a regular basis. 


We believe that homework should be an activity which develops children's knowledge, this may be revisiting content that's already been taught in the classroom or finding out some information about content they haven't yet started to learn. 


It is important that homework is not an onerous task for both children and parents and supports our school statement of 'Succeeding on the Journey of lifelong Learning'.  


The CLASS PAGES on this website are used to share homework with both children and parents.


PLEASE check weekly so you can support your child.


Learning challenges are set for all children during the school holidays.  Pupils are encouraged to work with parents to create a book, model or poster to present their learning from the previous term. Have a look at some of the photos of our first Learning Exhibition.