Sir John Lillie

Primary School

Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning


At SJL we teach maths daily, which allows regular opportunities for all children to develop, apply and extend their mathematical knowledge.


The mathematical techniques and methods children are taught in class are based on giving them a secure understanding of mathematics and helping them to articulate this through explaining, discussing their work with each other and involving them in solving problems that apply to everyday life.


We recognise that children vary in their rate of learning, therefore we plan for group differentiation in every maths lesson to cater to the diverse abilities in the classroom. During the maths lessons, children are also provided with a variety of equipment to facilitate their learning and assist them in exploring maths in different situations. We aim to increase children’s skills, understanding and confidence in using and applying maths inside and outside the classroom.


Maths at Sir John Lillie Primary

Parents Maths Workshop Presentation