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Family Lunch Feedback

We received some lovely feedback from one of our parents last week about our family lunch event, please have a read.


Dear Sir John Lillie Primary School


We were truly honored for the lunch invite from your school. It was a new experience as we have just come from Australia where students take their own lunch to school or buy it from the school canteen. Lana was quite excited when we found out that cooked lunches are provided daily for a fee.  Later on, the lunch invite from your school further added to the excitement. To start off with, it was very considerate for the school to give us 3 options and as I work Monday to Wednesday, Thursday suited me so well. Lana was quite excited when she saw me in school. She was bubbling with excitement as we lined up, selected our hot dishes, salads and dessert. It was good to meet the team serving food and since we eat halal food, it was also good to see first-hand how food is served. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I also met quite a few of her classmates as they happened to be lining up while I was leaving.


My sincere thanks goes to all staff and employers of SJL who have made this possible. It all went smooth and we shared this experience with our friends and families back in Australia.


If you attend family lunch and have some comments, we'd love to hear them too!