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Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning


Thank you to the parents and carers who attended our 'Welcome Meeting' on Tuesday 14th September.

For those who could not attend, please find the Power Point presentation with all the necessary information about your child's education at our school below:

After reading and retelling 'The Three Little Pigs' story, we decided to explore and describe different materials. Then we had a go at making the Three Little Pigs' houses using different materials and textures.

We read 'Handa's Surprise' story. Then we explored and talk about different fruits from the book. We used words such as, hard, soft, round and spiky.

Home Learning

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This week at home we have been doing lots of "Moving and Grooving".  These activities help us to improve our listening and gross motor skills.

We have also been counting action such as clapping and jumping.


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Henry dancing.mp4

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We have also been going on our own bear and number hunts around our home.

Mrs Carpenter also set us a craft challenge to make some bear masks.

Have a look at this week's slideshow.

Home Learning.mp4

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Have you logged into our Google Classroom yet so you can join in with lots of fun activities?

We have been reading about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have made porridge and laid the table for the bears.

We have also been drawing "Happy Pictures"

If You're Happy and You Know It.mp4

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Hello Nursery.


Hope you are all well and are having fun learning at home.

Have you logged into our new Nursery Google Classroom yet? You will be able to complete lots of activities.  Your grown ups will be able to help you upload photos of your learning to share with us.


Google Classroom Guide

Video created for parents to help introduce Google Classroom


We had lots of fun mixing up paint in shaving foam.

We noticed that when we mixed blue and red it made purple and when we mixed blue and yellow it made green.


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Over the last few weeks we have been finding out about.....


The dolls had a colour picnic party. We counted carefully to make sure that each doll had 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 cup and 1 spoon.


Autumn Leaves


We found lots of autumn leaves in the playground.  We talked about the different shapes, sizes and colours we could see.

We used lots of sticky glue to make some leaf number collages.




This week we will be practising to put our coats on by ourselves.  Please help your child to practice at home.


Teaching your child to put their coat on through the rabbit holes(1)_854x480_MP4.mp4

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I am Dawid Szot and I am the Early Years manager at Sir John Lillie Primary School. I would like to invite you to watch our reading workshop for parents and carers. Please click on the link below.



Our First Week.mp4

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Welcome to our Nursery. We are looking forward to seeing you in September.

Hello Nursery.mp4

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Frogspawn Observation

We looked carefully at the frogspawn in our pond and talked about what we could see and what we think is going to happen.

We will keep checking for signs of change.

We know that we can only go near the pond if an adult is with us.

World Book Day 2020


On Thursday we had a fantastic opportunity to see some firefighters who were practising how to put out fires.  We saw pretend smoke and 11 fire engines!!! We even met Sherlock the fire dog.


Pancake Day


On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day. First we listened to the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes.

We thought Mr Wolf's friends were very unkind and decided that we would ALL help to make our pancakes.


Mr Wolf's Pancakes

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Watch this space for some exciting news about our outside area!


To celebrate St Valentine's Day we listened to the story "Guess How Much I Love You" and we talked about the people who are special to us.

We made salt dough hearts to give to our special person.


Thank you for coming to


Stay and Play

Stay & Play

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We have been working really hard in the garden. We planted bulbs and are continuing to develop our knowledge of growth, decay and changes over time.

Look at how much fun we have at Nursery.  Sometimes we are a little bit sad when our parents and carers leave us in the morning but we soon cheer up when it's choosing time.


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This week we haven reading


We're Going on a Bear Hunt.


We have been joining in with the actions and talking about all the sounds we can hear in our sound book.

We have joined in with repeated refrains,

Have a look and tell us what you think.

Bear Hunt 2.m4v

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If you go down to the woods today............


      this space for more bear news!!!!!


This week we have been making rainbow pasta.

We used the pasta to make colourful rainbow bracelets. We did our careful counting to make sure that we had the correct amount.

We had lots of fun shaking the pasta!!!!



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Here is the recipe if you would like to make rainbow pasta at home.

Colour Mixing with Ice

We did a Science experiment! We felt the "cold, wet" ice and we said it looked like "rocks". We left the ice in our classroom, all day and we noticed that the red and blue ice cubes "melted" and they made "purple water". We can't keep ice in our classroom because it's too hot, but we know that we can find ice in the freezer!

Look at our Elmer display!!

Elmer and the Rainbow


This week we have been listening to the story of Elmer and the Rainbow. 

We didn't listen to all the story so we talked about and made predictions about what we thought would happen at the end of the story. 


We all helped to make a rainbow coloured, giant Elmer, using collage materials. 


We have been exploring pumpkins and talking about what we have observed. We listened to the story "Pumpkin Soup" and talked about the main characters.  We remembered that the cat did the "chopping," the squirrel did the "stirring" and the duck did the "sprinkling."


We cooked our own pumpkin soup and it was.........


"The best you ever tasted!"


Now that the weather is getting colder we have been wearing our coats outside.


Please watch this short video to show how we can practice becoming more independent.

Thank you for joining us for our first Stay and Play this year.

Drama Workshop


We went all the way upstairs to the top of the school.

We joined in with a drama workshop. We used our imaginations to pretend we were princesses, knights and dragons.  We had to rescue the cat.



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Welcome to the Nursery.

Parent Information

This week we had a special visitor.  We counted the "tentacles" and there were 8 of them.  We noticed there was "suckers" on the tentacles.  We thought the visitor felt..... "soft", "slimy" and "squishy."

Can you guess who our visitor was? Have a look at the video to find out.


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Today we went to Normand Park. Lots of mums and dads came with us.  We did lots of climbing, sliding and playing. We had our snack at the park.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to all the grown ups who helped us.


We had lots of fun!!!!

Normand Park

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We went outside and explored the different sounds we can make with different instruments.  We pretended the brooms were our guitars.

We have been making up our own raps.

Outside Music Exploration

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Incy Wincy Spider - Problem Solving

Water Phonics

The Frog Pond

Look at our AMAZING learning!!!

We have been having printer problems and we have been unable to print out photos.  The children have been doing some amazing learning so we have created a slide show for you.  We hope you like it.


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We have been observing daffodils and developing our understanding of growth and decay over time.

We counted the daffodils and gave our friends the same amount of flowers.

Sharing daffodils

Parachute Games


Colour Mixing

We mixed different colour paints up in shaving foam.

We found out that 

red and yellow made orange

blue and red made purple

yellow and blue made green


Colour Mixing

Something REALLY exciting has happened in our frog pond!!!!!

We took the magnifying glasses outside to look into the pond and we noticed that the frogspawn had CHANGED and now we have lots of tadpoles!!!!


The Gruffalo

Red Nose Day

We all wore red clothes today.  We went to assembly this morning and all the grown ups were REALLY silly.

We had lots of fun!!!Red Nose Day


We have been finding out about the character of the Gruffalo.  We sang the Gruffalo song and looked at illustrations.

We created our own Gruffalos.

Why don't you sing the Gruffalo song?

The Gruffalo Song

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World Book Day March 2019



5 Speckled Frogs


This week we have been counting speckled frogs.

We used our careful counting finger to check there were "still five".

We remembered to count the frogs on the log AND in the pond.

5 Speckled Frogs


This week we were given some frog spawn to put in our new pond.  We looked at it carefully and thought that it looked like "eyeballs".

We have been singing 5 Speckled frogs and watched a programme all about frogs.

We will be using magnifying glasses to look carefully in the pond to look for signs of CHANGE.

Come Outside - Frogs

Pippin the dog meets some frogs in her garden. Auntie Mabel finds some frogspawn in a pond and tells a story about the life cycle of a frog. Then she and Pippin visit Chester Zoo, where they meet an African bullfrog and a White's tree frogs. ©BBC Entertainment.

Nursery E-Safety Rap

We have been learning a new rap with Nisreene.  We know that if we are using the computer and something pops up, we should "Tell a grown up!"

E Safety Rap

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Pirate Phonics


Pirate Day

If you want to be a Pirate.

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Ahoy there!!

Pirate Week


We have really enjoyed "Pirate Week".  We made a pirate ship in the Nursery, using junk modelling resources.  We made our own pirate hats to support our role play.  We walked the plank and pretended that the blue carpet was the sea.  We looked at illustrations in pirate story books and named different parts of the pirate ship, such as "mast", "anchor" and "porthole."


We had a special visitor, Captain Barnacle Bill.  He read us the story Pirates Love Underpants.

If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise..........

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears

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Science Open Morning


We had lots of messy fun as we explored....






We went outside to find Elmer's colours.

We used the camera to take photos of the different colours we found.

We talked about the objects that we found and named their colours.

We have been working hard to improve our outside area.

Jolly Phonics Songs in ORDER! Letters and Sounds อนุบาล British Early Years Centre mov

Eureka SPARK Jolly Phonics Songs in ORDER! (Letters and Sounds)

We planted daffodil bulbs. First, we put soil in the planter and used spades to spread the soil out. We looked at the bulbs and talked about what we could see. We thought they looked like “onions” and “pears”. We used our fingers to make holes in the soil and then pushed the bulbs in.


Thank you for attending our


Phonics and Reading Workshop

Fun with Reading.mp4

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Phonics Alphabet | ABC Phonics Song | The Phonics Song | ReadwithPhonics.com_854x480_MP4.mp4

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Now that it's getting colder we need to start wearing our coats when we go outside.

Have a look at this video to see how easy it is for us to put on our coats by ourselves.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


This week we have been reading the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

  • We have been painting fruit to decorate our snack area.
  • We used play dough to make big and little caterpillars.
  • We have been sorting fruit.
  • We have been counting fruit and thinking about whether we just have "one" fruit or "lots".
  • At snack time we have been eating the same fruit as the caterpillar.  So on Monday we ate apples, on Tuesday we ate pears and so on.  We are really looking forward to Thursday so we can eat yummy,  juicy strawberries.

Welcome to the Nursery

All the new children have begun to settle really well and are enjoying exploring all the resources.

We have been singing and talking about the "Pantosaurus Song"


NSPCC Pantosaurus Song

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The Royal Wedding

Our new topic is............

Holiday Home Challenge


World Book Day

Some amazing book characters came  to the Nursery.Red GroupPurple GroupBlue Group



We have been listening to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We all joined in with the repeated refrain:

"Fee Fi Fo Fum, watch out everyone, here I come!"


We talked about the main events in the story.

We have also been reading Jasper's Beanstalk. We planted our own beans in see through plastic cups.  We have been watching our beans carefully to check if they are growing.

Cress Heads

We made our own cress heads. You can find out what we did here:

We decorated our yogurt pots with our photos, so that when the cress grew it looked like we had green hair.

We used the cress that we had grown to make cress sandwiches.


We have started to get the garden ready for the summer.  We filled the planters with soil.


We have also made a mini-indoor garden using grass.  We looked at the grass seeds carefully and noticed that they were "very little" and "a little bit yellow and a little bit brown".  We have been taking it in turns to water the grass.



Spring has sprung!

(or has it?)


Despite the "Beast from the East" we have been finding out about Spring.  We looked carefully at daffodils and talked about what we could see.  We used bright yellow paper to create our own daffodils.

Our Spring Display

Science Week 


We really enjoyed Science Week 2018 and had lots of fun.  We met the Science Wizard and she helped us to make helicopters.


Lots of adults joined us for Science open morning. One of the most popular activities was using a pipette to drop food colouring into milk and watch as the colours mixed.


Nessa the tortoise really enjoyed her visit too!!!



Science Week in the Nursery

Snowy Days!!!!!



This week we celebrated Chinese New Year. We watched

and talked about some of the celebrations we have at home.

We used chopsticks to pick up noodles.  



We read the story "Mr Wolf's Pancakes". We decided that his neighbours were very rude and unkind.

We made pancakes and ate them at snack time.



Lots of parents joined us for Stay and Play, where the focus was on Maths.

Maths at home.

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In our Maths Meeting, we matched numerals to quantities, counted claps and jumps and counted out objects from a larger group.


In the Finger Strong area we used play dough to make BIG, middle-size and 

little cakes.


In the Creative Area we did junk modelling, using shapes appropriately for the task.



This week we have carried on reading The Three Little Pigs.  We have been using puppets and story visuals to help us re-tell the story using repeated refrains.


We have also been using lots of different construction resources to build houses for the pigs.  We especially enjoyed using Duplo.


Our Talking Table

Our Talking Table


We looked at illustrations of the "Three Little Pigs".  We recalled some of the main events and talked about the characters. 

We remembered that the big bad wold said, "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!"


We used porridge oats to make flapjacks.  The mixture was very sticky and it was hard work to mix the ingredients.

We ate our flapjacks at snack time and they were delicious.

We have been playing a teddy bear size sorting game on the interactive white board, using our gross motor skills to drag and drop food for the three bears.


You can play the game at home at:

We've been having lots of messy fun in the Nursery.  We mixed lots of porridge in a tough spot and used our hands to explore the texture. We thought it felt "sticky" and "gloopy".  We used spoons to fill different size bowls with porridge.

This week we have been reading the story of:


Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


If you would like to read the story with your child at home please have a look at this website:

You will be able to insert your child's name into the story.







It's Party Time!!!


Today the Nursery had their Christmas party.  The children ate LOTS of food and had an amazing time.

Someone in a red suit, with a big fluffy white beard came to visit us.  Can you guess who it was?


Welcome to our new book area.

Thank you for joining us for Stay and Play.


We have really been enjoying these songs and love to join in singing them.  We have talked about how the songs make us feel. "Here Comes the Sun" makes us feel happy!

I Hear Thunder

Here comes the Sun Lyrics: The Beatles! Karaote Time!

I can sing a rainbow | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

This half term we have been exploring 


we have had lots of messy fun!!!!!

Welcome to Nursery!

In Nursery we have lots of different adults working with us, helping us to learn and have fun.  

If you would like to see some pictures of our classroom and our most recent work, why not have a look at our school blog.  

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! smiley