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Play Centre

Breakfast Club, After School Club and Holiday Playcentre are now open!        Book your place now!
Welcome to Sir John Lillie Playcentre

The Playcentre offers high quality, registered child care for children during both term time and holidays. Term time care is in the form of a breakfast club before school, which is currently open to children who attend Sir John Lillie Primary, St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School and St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School and an after school Playcentre which is currently open to children from Sir John Lillie Primary, St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School, Bayonne Nursery, Queen's Manor Primary, Normand Croft and All Saints.

Breakfast club

The morning session starts at 7:30am, children who attend St Augustine's and St Thomas' will be escorted to school at 8:35am to ensure they get to class on time. Children from Sir John Lillie Primary School will be taken to their teacher in the playground at 8:50am. Children are able to play in a secure environment before the start of school and can have breakfast as well.


Playcentre opens at 3pm and runs until 6:30pm. 

Children at Sir John Lillie Primary will be escorted from their classrooms by their teacher, children from other schools are collected by escorts and brought to the school.

Upon arrival, they have a healthy snack and then can choose from a range of activities available.

Activities are arranged for the children throughout the year and are wide-ranging, for example art, cooking, sports, gardening and hall games. 

Holiday Playscheme

The holiday playscheme runs every holiday and half-term. Opening times are from 8am to 6pm

During the holiday playscheme there are weekly trips arranged that children have the option of attending. These include a wide variety of places such as; Crazy golf, Brighton, Chessington, The Bear factory, Adventure parks, The Wetlands.

Fees - Method of Payment

At present our childcare fees are set as follows:

Type of Childcare
Fees per day*
Term time after school £16.00
Term time breakfast club


£7.50 (For children who attend St.Thomas - escort to the school included)

Holiday care

9am to 5pm


Holiday care

8am to 9am


Holiday care

5pm to 6pm


Holiday care

8am to 6pm

£40 (Pre booked only)

*Prices are correct as of 04/07/2023
There is a late fee of £20.00 for every quarter of an hour (15 minutes) after 6:30pm.

There is a late fee of £20.00 for every quarter of an hour (15 minutes) after 6pm during all holidays.

For more details on fee payment methods or any other aspect of the Playcentre please contact the Playcentre manager: 

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Deborah Pope on 020 7386 6822 or 020 7386 6834

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