Sir John Lillie

Primary School

Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning


Erin's adventures

Harper has been busy with learning, celebrating her birthday and showing her support for NHS



Thank you for sending in your incredible bunting designs, this is what we have so far.


Oscar has been practising his handwriting

Lara from 5T has been busy baking and drawing.

Sofia painting flowers from the UK

Tom making a grilled cheese sandwich as his year 5 DT task

If you want to have a go at making your own grilled cheese sandwich have a look at the instructions we used in year 5. It's really easy and quite delicious. Just ask Tom!


























Miss Harris

Miss Harris has been busy in the kitchen. Today she made cannelloni! 



Miss Bell

Miss Bell has been committed to staying active by going for walks in her neighbourhood. The residents of the community Miss Bell lives in have been writing positive and uplifting messages with chalk on the sidewalks for those passing by.  Reading the messages written by members of the community made Miss Bell feel hopeful of brighter days ahead. She was inspired to write her own message! 

Paul and Lennart




Paul and Lennart did a little science experiment about density. They built a density tower with different fluids we had at home (syrup, glycerine, washing up liquid, water, rapeseed oil and paint thinner - in that order). And then Paul and Lennart carefully dropped different things in to see if and in which layer they swim (who would have thought a tomato and a die swim on washing up liquid, while a piece of chocolate swims on glycerine).




Mrs Thompson


Pip is snuggling on the sofa keeping Mrs T company whilst she does her work.




Millie and Brodie



Watch out Miss Bates, you might have some competition. Millie and Brodie have been baking some delicious biscuits!




Miss Bates


Chef Bates has been busy in the kitchen, making her signature coleslaw, YUM!





Lennox is reading all about bugs and he has the perfect tool to help him, a magnifying glass!







Jayan has been conducting a science experiment, he shrunk two big crisps packets down to the size of his hand!

Cool experiment Jayan - did they go all 'crispy' when you shrunk them (Well I thought it was funny!) :) Mrs T. 







Leona was busy all morning making one of the UK's landmarks - Brighton Pier








Jack really enjoyed playing Phonics Bingo, he then chose to write the words from bingo into sentences, then on Sunday he baked a yummy banana cake, save us some!








Lucy has been practising her writing and drawing, looks like she has become a pro!








Berrin used her creativity to craft a beautiful butterfly.



Dollie and Freddie




Dollie and Freddie showing off their impressive art skills!







.       .   


Joshua has been staying fit with Joe Wicks and he's also trying to get signed by Manchester united!








For some reason everyone in Jane's family have now decided they DO want to walk the dog.

Poor Dylan the Dog is exhausted!


Still image for this video

Marley has been teaching himself to play the piano. Watch out Scott!



Mrs Thompson



Today I planted some 'Seeds of happiness' or sunflowers. When the happiness starts to grow I'll make sure to share it with you all. Have a good day and stay safe, Mrs T.

Mrs Thompson

Today whilst tidying up her garden, Mrs Thompson found some unusual animals in it.  The bear seems to be taking up far too much space!








Berrin has used her incredible art and craft skills to create her very own plant out of plastic, she has also been planting some seeds and observing them daily to see what happens.





Oscar has been super busy, painting stones for nanny's garden, recognising numbers, counting cars and writing his weekly keyword. 


Mrs Thompson

Today Mrs Thompson's husband wanted a nice snack so she made him a banana and chocolate chip pancake.

Ellie and Tia




Ellie and Tia preparing and cooking dinner, looks delicious!





Mrs Thompson
















Mrs Thompson planting the present that she was given by her mum. A grow your own chilli kit! 








Erin planted Miss Pattersons turnip seed she noticed how small it was compared to hers!









Levi decided to place some skittle sweets on a plate and tip warm water over them to see the colors and patterns it would make, here is the beginning and the outcome

Miss Harris

D&T Challenge: Design a 3D structure using cards! Miss Harris and her mother gave this a go, and we realized it was tougher than it seems - now we want to see yours!