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Question 14

How will Sir John Lillie Primary School support my child in transition stages?


We liaise closely with the school or nursery your child is transferring from. We also provide optional home visits before children attend Nursery or Reception. We are able to discuss with the relevant teachers any individual needs and how best to support your child in school.

At the end of the academic year, time is given to ensure teachers meet each other to share information. With specific needs such as ASD, children will have extra support such as photographs, possibly a visual timetable and where possible consistency with LSAs. 

While at Sir John Lillie Primary School we take care to ensure that during transition points (between classes each year and at the end of Key Stages) all staff are aware of individual pupils needs, learning progress and best support strategies.

Sir John Lillie Primary School makes arrangements to ensure there is a smooth transition when your child transfers to his/her secondary school of choice. We arrange visits and transition meetings.  

If your child has an EHC Plan, we will participate and/or facilitate its review in sufficient time prior to him/her moving between key phases of education. You will be kept informed of these arrangements and asked to attend the reviews.

Parents are invited to attend welcome meetings and visits.