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Thank you to the parents and carers who attended our 'Welcome Meeting' on Tuesday 14th September.

For those who could not attend, please find the Power Point presentation with all the necessary information about your child's education at our school below:

Google Classroom Guide

Video created for parents to help introduce Google Classroom




I am Dawid Szot and I am the Early Years manager at Sir John Lillie Primary School. I would like to invite you to watch our reading workshop for parents and carers. Please click on the link below.

Autumn 1 2020- 'All About Me' - topic web


Dear parents and carers,


Please find below the topic web to give you an outline of what your child(ren) will be learning in Reception this half term.


Mr Szot & Miss Hutt

We want to say thank you to all the grown-ups who came and joined us for the Science Open Morning.We had so much time exploring and investigating with our hands-

on experiments. 



We had so much fun going on a spring walk to find different signs of spring in our playground. We managed to spot some daffodils, blossom and frogspawn in our pond. We cannot wait until it grows into big frogs.



As part of our weekly routine, we visited our school library this Friday afternoon. We looked at a range of books and we were so excited to be able to read some simple words and sentences. We had a go at spotting some of the tricky words in books that we have been learning in our daily phonics sessions.  






Oh wow! The Dragon from 'The Knight and The Dragon' story paid us a visit and left a letter behind. We  replied to his letter and tried to persuade him to come back and be brave enough to fight the Knight.





The greedy witch wanted more slimy bugs in her potion so we kindly doubled them for her. What do you need to do to double a number? Do you add a number that is different or the same?



We have helped the wicked witch to write a new Book of Spells. She lost her old one and she does not know how to write as she has never been to Reception. We wrote a list of disgusting ingredients to help her remember the spells. 


Dear parents and carers, this is the way we form letters in Reception. Please practise with your child at home. Thank you.


Look at our amazing pieces of writing we created to describe a witch!




We went outside to make some yucky potions. We made our own slime and we explored it using our hands. We thought of lots of describing words to talk about the slime such as yucky, slimy, squishy, squidgy...



We also used different recyclable boxes and wrapped them up to make sweets for our gingerbread house. We found it very interesting that the boxes look like some of the 3D shapes that we have been learning about. We had a go at describing them and we used words such as, faces, edges and curves.



Welcome back after your Christmas break. We have started the half term with reading 'Hansel and Gretel'. We went out to the playground to build a gingerbread house. We worked together to make an enclosure and then had a go at decorating it. We had so much fun!



After reading 'Whatever Next', we decided to make a rocket for the Baby Bear so he could go back to visit the Moon again. We worked together and listened to each other's ideas. 



We went on a shape hunt in our playground. We did not realise how many shapes there are around us! We used words such as corners and sides to talk about different 2D shapes.



We have been learning about different celebrations such as Diwali and Bonfire Night. Next, we thought of  ways fireworks move and we performed our firework dance.







After learning about healthy eating, we decided to ask our friends what their favourite fruit is. We recorded our findings in a tally chart and then had a go at interpreting the results. We tried our best to think which fruit had the biggest number of votes and which one our friends found the least tasty, with the smallest number of votes. We compared numbers to explain our thinking.



After reading 'Oliver's Fruit Salad', we decided to make our own fruit salad. We peeled, cut and chopped different fruits and then mixed them together. We talked about why our bodies need fruit and what makes them so healthy.




We had so much fun cutting open and exploring different fruits we bought at North End Road Market. We were so excited to see so many seeds in a pomegranate and a hard stone in an avocado. We found a pineapple very interesting too with its spiky leaves and bumpy skin.



As part  of our learning about healthy eating, we decided to go on a trip to the local North End Road  Market to buy some healthy fruits.



We learnt about healthy and unhealthy food and why it is good/bad for our bodies. We used words such as, vitamins, fat, sugar and salt. Next, we pretended to be doctors and nurses and had a go at deciding which food was healthy enough to place it in our body poster. 



We went outside to practise our gross motor movements. We drew big and small circles on the blackboard and then we used paint brushes and big paint rollers to wipe the drawings off. We had so much fun!



We kicked off the new academic year with an exciting topic called 'It's good to be me'. We talked about our favourite food and designed our own plates with the food we like the most.



After reading information books about different sea creatures, we had a go at making our own information book. We tried our best to remember all the interesting facts about different underwater creatures and write them down. 


Afer the trip to Wagamama, we decided to make a 3D map of our local area. We talked about different roads we walked down and landmarks we saw. Do you know any landmarks near your house?



We went on a trip to our local Wagamama restaurant. We prepared our own meals and had a go at making our own healthy smoothies. It was so much fun!



           Happy Mother's Day!

We are becoming very independent at solving additions by counting on in our heads. We love aour mental Maths!


We went outside to look for different signs of spring such us, buds, blossom, daffodils, etc. We also noticed that our frogspawn turned into tadpoles. Spring is in the air! Which signs of spring can you spot on your way home?




We went on a trip to the Ecology Centre in Holland Park. We had so much fun learning all about trees. We were very busy taking tree rubbings, making our own tree crowns and exploring woodland areas. Thank you to all the parents who came with us and helped look after our pupils. Can you remember any type of common trees you have learnt about?



We do remember to look after the plants in our garden centre. We are so excited to watch them grow.



We have been learning about pairs of numbers that when we add them together will give us 10. Thanks to a lot of practice, we are very good at remembering them by heart. 





This week we learnt all about castles. We went outside to work together to build a castle out of big bricks. We thought of what a castle needs and used words such as, moat, portcullis, battlements and drawbridge.  It was so much fun working together and helping each other.



We have had so much fun celebrating Red Nose Day. We were very excited to raise money for Comic Relief. Thank you to everyone who remembered to donate £1. 


Since we planted cress seeds and flower bulbs last week, we have remembered to go out and check on our plants every day. We are becoming very good at looking after our plants and remembering to water them.

What else do plants need to grow?




We pretended to be witches and wizards and made our own silly potions. We thought of different ingredients we could stir in and then had a go at thinking of different describing words to talk about them. We used words such as, squishy, stinky, slimy, disgusting, wiggly, etc. 



This week we celebrated World Book Day. It was so much fun to dress up as our favourite book characters!



We have been halving precious jewels. We have learnt that there are 2 halves and they are always the same. 



This week we have been making pancakes. We mixed all the ingredients together and then went to our kitchen with a grown-up to fry our own pancakes. We talked about different kitchen utensils we had to use in order to fry them. 




The beautiful weather this week inspired us to do some planting and to develop our own garden centre. We thought of what we would need in our garden centre to help us grow plants. We gathered some trowels, pots, seeds, soil and watering cans. We had so much fun!





Welcome back after the break. Hope you have had a fantastic time. 

We were very lucky to receive frogspawn this week. We looked at it and read some information books about the life cycle of a frog. Next, we went out into our playground and gently placed the frogspawn in our own pond. Now we cannot wait until we see tadpoles hatching out of the eggs.







Still image for this video
Listen to our original E-safety rap!

This week in Reception we have been learning all about mini beasts such as, spiders, ants, beetles, scorpions, snails, etc. We found out that a snail's body is called a 'foot' and it is extremely wet and slimy. We read some information books on creepy crawlies and then decided to make our own collaborative information book.



We have also watched videos of how different mini beasts move and had a go at imitating them during one of our 'Dance & Movement' sessions. We had a go at creating our own original moves using different parts of our body.



Listen to our pirate version of 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'!

Still image for this video

We also had a go at instructing our beebots to go to different places to find the golden treasure.




Next, he demanded that we create some treasure maps for him, so that he would know where to look for the shiny treasure.




As part of our Pirate Week, we have been busy completing different tasks and challenges for Barnacle Bill. First the greedy pirate asked us to double some golden coins for him so he can be even richer.




After spending a few days looking at information books about woodland animals and learning all about them, we had a go at writing our own descriptions of forest animals. We tried our best to sound out longer words and remember our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We also had a go at thinking of different describing words to make our pieces of writing even better.




After looking at and describing different woodland animals, we had a go at making our forest animal collages. It was a great opportunity for us to consolidate the new vocabulary of claws, beak, fur and feathers. We used and combined together different materials to create new textures.





We have been learning all about woodland animals. After reading 'After the Storm', we decided to build houses for the animals who lost them in the storm. We worked together and listened to each other's ideas to build the most comfortable houses for our woodland friends.



We have started to develop our outside roleplay area. We thought it would be fun to be inspired by the 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' story that children in our Nursery have been reading. We tried to recreate the Bears' hut in the middle of the woods. We had so much fun!