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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

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Welcome to our Year 1 page. We are very excited about all of the fun learning we will be doing in Year 1 this year. smileyWe hope you are excited too! 

From Angela and Miss Holder

Please bring your reading books to school on Monday and Friday so you can choose new ones to take home. smiley


Our P.E. day is on Tuesday. Please come to school wearing your P.E. kit.


Please go on Google Classroom to find the homework challenge. 



You will find your spellings on Google Classroom. 


Word of the Week




Challenge yourself to use the word of the week in a sentence.

Design and Technology

We have been reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in Year 1. Max wanted to go on a new adventure so we planned new fantasy settings for him to visit. We thought of which transport he might travel in and which fantasy creatures he would meet. We designed and made fantasy character masks from our new story ideas. We wrote lists of resources we would need and then we followed our designs carefully to make our masks. We are very proud of them! 


In science we are learning about plants. We have been looking at flowers growing in our playground and learning the names of them. 

The Highway Rat

We have been reading The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson in Year 1. Have you read this book? We think it is a fantastic read and would recommend it to you.

We thought of interesting words and phrases to describe the naughty rat and wrote ‘Wanted’ posters to help catch him. Now the Highway Rat has changed his behaviour and he wants to write sorry letters to the animals. We have been helping him because we are wonderful writers in Year 1. 


We are learning about the United Kingdom. We have been finding out interesting information about the four countries. Do you know the names of the four countries of the United Kingdom? 

Can you guess which traditional tale we have been reading? That’s right it is The Three Little Pigs.

We wrote sentences to describe the wolf character. We used the joining word ‘and’ in our sentences and lots of interesting describing words. We also wrote questions we would ask him if he visited our classroom. What question would you ask? 


Our History topic is ‘The Royal Family’.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II has been queen for 70 years? This year is Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee!

we looked at pictures and photographs from the past when it was the queen’s Coronation. We spotted her crown, sceptre and orb. Do you know what they are? 


We are super scientists in Year 1. We have been testing different materials to help solve problems.

Soft and Hard Materials 

We received a letter from Queen Elizabeth II. She asked us to help find materials to make her throne more comfortable. We tested different materials to find out which ones are soft. 

Absorbent Materials

The three bears asked us to help them find out which materials would be best to wipe up milk that Goldilocks had spilt when she ate their porridge. We tested different materials to find out which ones are absorbent. 

Transparent and Opaque Materials 

The three little pigs asked us for help because they didn’t want to get woken up by the light shining in their windows. We tested materials to find out which ones are opaque so they could use them to make curtains. 

Waterproof Materials

The three bears needed our help again. They wanted us to test which materials are  waterproof so they could make raincoats for a walk in the woods on a rainy day. They didn’t want to get soggy fur! 

I wonder if we will get sent any more problems that we need to help solve! 

Design and Technology

Look at the London buses we made in D&T. We attached the wheels with axles so they can turn. 

In geography we have been learning about London landmarks. We looked closely at aerial photographs and spotted some of the landmarks we learnt about. 
In science we have been doing lots more learning about different types of animals. 
We have had fun using our new role play areas. They are London Zoo. We have been using our science knowledge to identify and sort the different animals in the zoo. 
In science we have also been learning about autumn. We have read information books and observed autumnal changes happening in our playground. 
We have been learning about our local area. Can you spot some of the maps we made? We made them because Miss Chief sent us a letter telling us that she was bringing her class to Lillie Road for a visit! She wanted to know where things were and she didn’t want to get lost so we made some maps for her. 

In science we have been learning about animals, including humans.

Look at our self-portraits. We are really proud of them!

First we predicted who the new teacher might be. Then we read the end of the story and we found out the new teacher was a dragon. She was called Miss Chief and she was the best teacher ever! 

We have been enjoying reading the book 'Who's our New Teacher?'

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During the school closure there are learning challenges for you to complete at home. You can find these in:

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Word of the Week




Challenge yourself to use the word of the week in a sentence.

We are making spring collages in Art and Design

This half term we are learning about the United Kingdom in geography.

We had lots of fun building dens, climbing trees and learning about recycling at Wimbledon Common.

Goldilocks spilt some milk and porridge in our classroom! We investigated which materials were absorbent so we could clean up the mess. 

We have also been learning about winter in science.

We have been finding out lots about materials in science.

In science we have been learning all about materials. Look at the letter we received. We were super scientists and investigated to find out which materials were soft.

Did you spot our portraits of Queen Elizabeth II during her Coronation? We remembered to include her crown, sceptre and orb in our paintings. 

This half term we are learning about the Royal Family in history.

After our trip to London Southbank we drew maps to show where the landmarks are.

Design and Technology

We used axles so that the wheels on our London buses could turn. 

We have been learning about London and famous London landmarks.

In science we have been learning all about animals, including humans.

We made maps of our local area for Miss Chief. Now Miss Chief will know where to go and she won’t get lost!

Look at the letter that arrived at school today!

We went on a walk around our local area. After we worked together to create a map of Lillie Road.

We are busily planning our own stories. They are set in our local area and include people who work there. We are very excited because we are going to be taking our books to Reception class when we have finished so they have some new stories to listen to. 

We have been learning all about our local area in geography. We thought about which place Jack (the character from our story book) might go to if he came to our local area.

We read the end of the book and found out the new teacher was a dragon! We have been thinking carefully about what she looks like to help us make models of her. We used different materials.

We used our imaginations to predict who or what the new teacher might be. We created our ideas and then used our phonics to write words to describe them.

We have been reading a new book in Year 1. We have been thinking about who the new teacher could be.

In Art and Design we have been learning about self-portraits. We used lines, shapes and colours to create our self-portraits. We are very proud of them!

Number Bonds Poem

0 and 10 are big strong men,

1 and 9 are feeling fine,

2 and 8 are never late,

3 and 7 come from Devon,

4 and 6 like to play tricks,

5 and 5 learn to drive,

6 and 4 hold open the door,

7 and 3 visit for tea,

8 and 2 are feeling blue,

9 and 1 like to have fun,

10 and 0 are superheroes!


Letter formation

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                    Year One News

Year 1 went on a trip to Fulham Palace and Bishops Park to learn all about how our local area has changed. The historic Bishop Compton visited us this week and challenged us to explore how his old home had changed. We had lots of fun comparing old pictures of Fulham Palace with the real place and investigating any differences. Our enthusiastic historians spotted that the old moat had been filled in and that a special clock tower had been added. We are now writing Bishop Compton a letter to compare the past and the present and to explain what we found out. We hope we'll get a reply!

On London Day we enjoyed dressing up as important current and historical figures. We took a trip on the number 11 bus in assembly and learned about the famous sights of London on the journey. We also took part in a fun London quiz to see what we could remember. Take a look at some of our fantastic outfits! Can you guess who we are?

We have been learning about seasonal changes and plants in science. We have planted real sunflowers and we are watching them grow over time. We have also made some flowers for our science display. Keep a look out for any plants or flowers you can spot on your way to school!

We went to Kensington Palace to learn about Peter the Wild Boy. We wrote King George I a letter and were really excited to get one back!

We made our own straw, sticks and brick houses in science. Only one house was left standing!

Ahoy me hearties, pirate Barnacle Bill visited our school! We helped him write an apology letter to the Royal Family after he plundered their booty. Yo ho ho we had Aaarrrghmazing fun!

We learned all about the Christmas Story and made a display to retell it.

We have been learning about seasons. Look at our wonderful pictures of winter!

We went on a autumn walk to see how the leaves change colour to orange, yellow, brown and red.