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Year 2

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             smiley Welcome to Year 2! smiley

2H have been extremely busy with their learning over the past few weeks.

We've been reading a new story called 'The Smartest Giant In Town' by Julia Donaldson and we love it!

George, the main character is such a kind friend and he has taught us how to be the kindest children in school.


Click on this link to listen to the story.


We have also been learning about the differences and similarities in Towns and country sides.


We figured that George the giant, from our story lived in a town because there weren't many fields, streams or mountains. He lives in a large, bustling town that has many roads, lots of traffic, statues, tarmac, crossings and pavements.

In our Art lesson this week we have learnt about primary and secondary colours, we found out that primary colours are mixed together to make secondary colours like green, purple and orange. 



Friday 25th September 2020


This week’s homework is to practise your spellings and 2 times tables. 

Green Group      Blue Group 

One                                       Twenty           

Two                                       Thirty  

Three                                     Forty 

Four                                       Fifty 

Five                                       Seventy

Eight                                     Eighty     
Nine                                      Nineteen         
Twelve                                  Twelve 

Thirteen                                Thirteen 

Fourteen                               Fourteen 


             This is this week's homework.

               Friday 2nd October 2020


Green group    Blue group


huge                             because                                     

giant                             white                                                                                                                                        

some                            smartest                                         

clothes                         animals                                            

said                              colourful                                            

pair                                giant                                       

of                                 cheerful                                        

cry                                beautiful                                          

went                              clothes    
white                            trousers     



Please continue to practise your 2 times tables as we will be having a times table test next week.smiley


Homwork - Friday 9th October 2020

Homework - Friday 18th October 2020

Friday 23rd October 2020 Homework

Friday 6th November 2020 homework

Friday 13th November 2020 Homework

Friday 20th November 2020 Homework


Please remember to practise your beautiful, neat cursive handwriting at home. 

Friday 11th December 2020

Friday 18th December 2020

                                       Well done Year 2!


You have had a fabulous seven weeks in our new class and I am so proud of the progress you have made already!

Everyone has been working incredibly hard and have made sure that they are continually trying their best.

I can't wait for another seven weeks of fantastic learning, great team work and fun in our happy classroom.


Have a brilliant break and stay safe,


From Miss Holdersmiley

                                                            Welcome back!

What a fantastic first week back after the holidays! 

This week, Year 2 have not only been incredible authors, writing their own exciting stories but they have been brilliant illustrators too. 

Their stories included  different adverbs of time, great adjectives, adverbs and interesting noun phrases. 

As a teacher I feel so proud of  every child in my class and each child should feel extremely proud of themselves too. Lets continue to keep up the amazing work! smiley

Next week, we will be learning about a new, fascinating book. I can't wait to read it to you all. 


                                              Hello there Year 2

                                              Our new topic is called 'Up, Up and Away'.

We have been learning about a very important man in history called Neil Armstrong.

Lets see if Year 2 can remember all of the brilliant facts that they learnt this week while they were being historic researchers.

Watch the video below  and then answer these questions.


1. What is the name of the first man on the moon?

2. What date was the significant event (when was he sent on this brilliant mission)?

3. What was the name of his spaceship?

4. What flag did he leave on the moon and why?

5. What was the name of the special company that he worked for?




We have started reading a new book which is called 'Man On The Moon' which is about a gentleman named Bob who works on the white, glimmering moon.

Click the link below to listen to this thrilling story book.

Design Technology

This term, we have been incredibly busy and creative. 

We made our own moving vehicles called Moon Buggies and we also made some googly eyed aliens by manipulating different materials.

We also had the opportunity to make some nutritious, delectable sandwiches. We had a messy but fantastic time creating  all of these things. Take a look at our brilliant creations.


Googly- Eyed Aliens

Sandwich Making

Moon Buggies

Click here to watch the fantastic 3 times table song!