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Primary School

Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

This year Miss Jarmson and Fatima will be working in Year 3 and we are really excited about the learning that will take place. 



Every week, homework will be updated on a Friday on Google ClassroomThe spellings and times tables will then be done in a class spelling and times tables test every Thursday. 



Reading records and books should be signed and brought into school every day. 



PE will be on Thursday afternoon so please wear your full PE kit to school every Thursday.

World Book Day

Year 3 really enjoyed our World Book Day 'book tasting' where we tried some of the new books we were given for our class library. We enjoyed exploring books about history, the earth, animals and  plants, as well as chapter books, pictures books, pop up books and even books without words!

We really enjoyed sharing books together and making recommendations. Did you find any books you would recommend to a friend? 


Tree Planting


In the spring term, we took a trip to Normand Park to plant some trees with the organisation Tiny Forest. We had lots of fun digging and planting the trees. The trees will help to keep the air clean and to provide habitats for animals to live in.


Now as we grow older we can watch the trees grow with us. I wonder what they will look like in ten years time!


Spring 1 Learning


We will be learning about 'forces and magnets' in science looking at how magnets work and investigating friction. In geography, we will be learning about 'volcanoes and earthquakes', and then making a working volcano in DT.


Design Technology 


In the spring term, we planned, designed and created model volcanoes in Design and Technology. We first learned about pneumatic systems to make our volcanoes erupt. Then we created the volcano out of papier mache and connected it to the pneumatic system. Finally, we were ready to make those volcanoes erupt!

Autumn 2 Learning


We will be learning about 'animals including humans' in science looking at nutrition, skeletons and muscles. In geography, we will be learning about plastic pollution and in art and design, we will be making sculptures from plastic and othre recycled materials in the styles of Michelle Reader.


Geography - Plastic pollution 


Science - animals including humans



In the autumn term, we learned all about bones and muscles in our Animals including topic. We solved the mystery of the missing bone and learned the names of the bones of the human body. 

Can you remember the names of all of the bones?


Art and Design


Our final cave paintings.

We first recreated the texture of a cave wall by scrunching our paper and using a wash to change the colour. We then drew different Stone Age animals like mammoths and sabre tooth tigers, before adding different background effects and signing the art work with a handprint. 


We were inspired by the Lascaux Cave paintings in France. 

We have been learning the skills needed to create our final cave art piece. First, we made our own paints using natural materials as they would have in the Stone Age. Then, we used different materials and techniques to make the cave wall background. Most recently, we did some still life paintings of mammoths and other Stone Age animals using natural colours. We used finger painting to colour them in!  


Stone Age paint making (we made paint just like they did in the Stone Age using natural materials)



In the first autumn half term, we have been learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.


Google Classroom Guide

Video created for parents to help introduce Google Classroom

Welcome to 3P and 3H

Welcome to Year 3!

This year Miss Patterson and Mr Palmer are the year 3 teachers and we are really excited about the learning that will take place. We will be updating this page with all of the interesting things we have done in the classroom so check back to find out what we have been up to.



Every week the homework will be updated on this page. Homework will be assigned on a Friday, this year you don not need to return your homework books, please keep them at home. Homework will consist of spellings and timestables practice. Please use look, cover, write and check when completing the spellings and practice your timetables as much as possible. These spellings and timestables will then be done in a class spelling and timestables test every Friday. 



Reading records and books should be brought in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is important to be doing some reading every day at home. It is helpful in all areas of school life and it can help you to learn lots of new, exciting things! Please make sure to sign the reading record before bringing it in. 



PE will be on Tuesday afternoon so please wear your full PE kit to school every Tuesday.




At SJL, we set homework that encourages children to practise the fundamental skills of Maths and Literacy. If you are finding learning your times tables or spellings tricky, why not try:

  • saying times table number sentences out loud in full (e.g. one three is three; two threes are six; etc.)
  • writing inverse number facts (e.g. 48 ÷ 8 = 6)
  • writing spellings out in felt tip, sand or even shaving foam!
  • using a spelling pyramid like the one below for extraordinary


e x

e x t

e x t r

e x t r a

e x t r a o

e x t r a o r

e x t r a o r d

e x t r a o r d i

e x t r a o r d i n

e x t r a o r d i n a

e x t r a o r d i n a r

e x t r a o r d i n a r y

This half of term we will be basing our learning on our English book, The Stone Age Boy. In History we will be looking at pre historic times from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. In Science we will be learning about rocks and soil. In Art, we will be creating Stone Age cave paintings. 

Look at 3P’s plastic model creations based on the artist Michelle Reader