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Year 4

Google Classroom Guide

Video created for parents to help introduce Google Classroom

Hello Year 4


Welcome to our new Home Learning page where you will find your learning whilst school is closed. Below are some fantastic interactive websites that can help you with your learning. If you love our timetables game in class, then you will love these links below. Click on them and give them a try!







Meet you new teacher!

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The final week project


Well done year 4 for making it to the end of term and the end of the year. It has been an unusual year that's for sure but one that I'm sure we have all learnt from. For this final week, we would like you to complete a project which will run throughout the week. It will involve you creating some activities for you to do over the holiday to keep you entertained. Each day we will put up a new activity in the timetable. As before simply click on the highlighted word to open the activity. You will not need to print anything out but you will need some basic supplies of paper and different coloured pens. It would be great if you could send in some pictures of the activities that you have created so that they can be shared with everyone else.



Hey year 4! well done on finishing day one!! I am sure you have all made fantastic scrapbooks ready for the week. Today, you will be adding a recipe for you to create for your family. You have done some cooking for this time and I am sure you will do a great job. Some of you might even steal my last name wink. Have fun creating amazing menus and using new skills!



Year 4, I am so excited that I get to take you up to year 5!!! We are going to have such a great year together. I hope you are enjoying your end of school project. Today, you will be creating your own PE game to teach to your family and friends. Enjoy!!


Miss Cook




What age can my child start social networking?


As a parent it’s important you know that all social networking platforms (or social networking apps, if on a smartphone) have age limits. Some social networks use technologies that might not be right for some ages, or engage with communities that are made up of people much older than your child.



For more advice and information visit or



This Live Lesson will help your child to think and work like a scientist, with a focus on taste, nutrition, and the energy that food provides.


Hey year 4! Only 10 days left of the year. Can you believe it? It is so long since I've seen you, however I have been lucky to see some of your smiling faces in the local area. Today, we have our nomrmal spellings, followed by starting to write our retell of the 'Lighthouse'. In maths you have moved on to place value and have a D&T activity in the afternoon. Happy learning!



Happy Tuesday year 4! I hope you are all doing well. Today you have SPaG, followed by writing the second paragraph for English. In Maths, you are continuing with place value and in the afternoon you have an art activity. Have fun!



Happy hump day! 8 days left of the year, make sure it counts. There is guided reading, followed by paragraph three for English. In maths you are problem solving and finally you are cooking in the afternoon. I am missing each and one of you and sharing a laugh with you!



Hello lovely year 4! How are you all? It is our second last Thursday of year 4, can you believe it? Today you are writing your final paragraph for your retell of 'Lighthouse'. In Maths you are continuing on with place value. In the afternoon you are contuining your Science from the previous weeks. 



It is Friday! Not long now to summer holidays. Today we have our free write, spelling and maths test. In the afternoon I have a sign language challenge. It is such a great skill that will help you for the rest of your life. Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Cook




Hello year 4 and Happy Monday! Thank you to all the people who sent through pictures, received a few more pictures on Friday with you all looking so smart in your uniforms. I would love to see a few more so please, please, please send them through. Today is a pretty regular Monday with spellings, English, Maths and D&T. Hope you enjoy!



Can you believe it is the last day of June? This year has really flown by! Today you have SPaG and will be gathering vocabulary for English. In Maths, you are continuing your timestable work with some problem solving questions. Finally there is a fun task for Art, make sure you have dice! Have fun!



It's the first day of the month and hump day all rolled into one! Today you have guided reading followed by writing a few sentences for English. In Maths you have more work on timestables. In the afternoon you will be completing a lesson on credit and debit cards which will help you in the future. 



Happy Thursday year 4! Today you are continuing with your sentence writing and your timestables. In the afternoon you have cooking. Thank you to everyone who sent photos, it was great to see your faces. It made me so happy!



Happy Friyay year 4! Only two more weeks left of school before the summer holidays. Today you have a normal Friday, free write, spelling test, maths test and Science. I hope you have a lovely weekend and are able to get out and about safely.


Miss Cook


Add block


Happy Monday year 4! This week marks the halfway point of this half term. Hasn't it just flown by! Today, in English, you are continuing your work on the film "Lighthouse" and of course doing your spellings. In Maths, we are focusing on certain timestables. Finally it is the usual Monday afternoon work. Remember to send your picture through to the year 4 email address to we can do our class photo.



Hello year 4! Hope you are all doing well. Today you have SPaG followed by English. In Maths you are completing problem solving tasks for the timestables you did yesterday. Finally in the afternoon you have Art. Thank you to all people who have emailed me a picture of themselves for our class photo. It has made me so happy to see your smiling faces. Please make sure you do this by Friday. Happy learning.



Happy Wednesday year 4! It was so lovely to see a few of your faces yesterday when you were dropping or picking up syblings. Today you have guided reading to start with followed by English. In Maths you are completing timestables questions. Finally in the afternoon you have a Money Sense activity teaching you about saving and bank statements . Have fun!



Can you believe that we are offcially halfway through the term! Not long now till summer holidays. Today everyone has the same English task; Drama! You will be acting out the story of "Lighthouse". In Maths you will be continuing on with timestables and finally you have a cooking challenge at the end of the day. Enjoy!



Happy Friday year 4! I hope you have been enjoying the sun while wearing sun protection. I have been wearing extra sunscreen as it has been so hot. Today is a regualar Friday with our writing challenge, speeling test and maths test. In the afternoon you have a Science lesson. Please remeber to send through your school pictures as I only have a few. It would be great to get more and make a class photo. Have a great weekend!


Miss Cook


Summer 2 Week 3 15.6.2020 - 19.6.2020



Welcome to week 3! Firstly, thank you to all the people who sent me through their report comments. I loved reading what you enjoyed and what you improved on. Today you will be watching a short animated film called "Lighthouse' by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung and answering questions on it. In maths you will be working on more problem solving for subtraction. You also have your regular spellings and D&T. Have fun!



Hi 4C! Hope you were able to enjoy a bit of the sunshine yesterday. Today you will be doing SPaG in your English groups and the answers are below the question. In English you are using your fantastic vocabulary to describe the lighthouse keeper throughout the story. In Maths you are continuing on with problem solving with subtraction. Finally you have art in the afternoon. I loved receiving emails from you showing me your fantastic work!



Hello fantastic year 4! I hope you are doing well and still working hard at your home learning. In the morning you have guided reading and English, where you will be writing questions. In Maths you have a worksheet with a variety of questions and the answers are below. You must also write out your timestables 1-6. Finally, it is History in the afternoon where you are learning how to write in hieroglyphics. Enjoy!



Happy Thursday year 4! I feel as though this week has flown by! How are you all feeling? Today, you will be answering the questions you wrote yesterday in English. In Maths, you are completing another mat and doing your 7 - 12 timestables. Finally you will be doing a quiz in Geography. Happy learning!



It is Friyay and another week has flown by! what has your highlight been? Today you have a writing challenge followed by your tests. For the afternoon I have put up a cooking recipe. Don't worry if you can't cook it tomorrow, but see if you can do it over the weekend. It is super tasty. Also, make sure you read the poster above about the school photo. It would be great is you send them through as it would be fantastic to have a 4C photo.  


Miss Cook




Summer 2 - Week 2: 8.6.2020 - 12.6.2020



Happy week 2 year 4! I still can not believe we only have 6 weeks till the summer break. This year has flown by! Today in English you will be looking at picture Norman Rockwell created and answering questions. In Maths you are completing some addition questions. We are going back to just two groups with maths this week so please return to your normal group. As usual D&T in the afternoon. Enjoy your Monday!



Hello year 4! I hope you are all doing well. Today you will be completing a SPaG on direct speech and how to use inverted commas correctly, which will link in with your English today and later this week. In Maths you will be looking at problem solving with addition. Make sure you read the question properly. Finally you will be doing Art this afternoon.



Happy hump day year 4! Already half way through the week. Today you will be starting off with guided reading followed by making your plan for Norman Rockwell's picture. In maths you are moving onto subtraction. Lastly you will be starting to plan your report comment. Have a great day!



Happy Thursday year 4! Today you are writing your english conversation, followed by Maths, which is subtraction problem solving. In the afternoon you are completing your report comments. Remember you have 2 days to do this and then you must email me, so I can put them in your reports. Happy learning!



Hi year 4, happy Friyay! Today we have a regular Friday starting off with a free write, followed by spelling and maths test. I have only received a small number of emails with your report comment, so I will give you this afternoon to finish it and send it to me. The email is I look forward to reading your comments and seeing what you enjoyed this year. 



Miss Cook



Welcome back to Summer 2!!

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Summer 2 - Week one: 1.6.2020 - 5.6.2020



Hi year 4, welcome back to our final half term. As explained in the video above we will be completing poetry week this week, and it is all about kindness in lockdown. In maths, for this week, we are having three groups; A, B, C. Try and do the same group that you do for English. If you want a challenge have a go at another group. Hope you have been enjoying the brilliant sunshine.



Happy Tuesday everyone! In English today we will be continuing on with a poem. Make sure you do the SPaG first as it will help you with your writing task. In Maths you will be completing questions on place value. Finally in Art I have attached a link for you to practise drawing a rainbow. This will help you later in the week. Enjoy 



Hello 4C! We are half way through the week! have you been able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine? Today we are doing a different guided reading task and you will learn a poem off by heart. In English you will be writing your kindness poem, remember to look at the words you gathered yesterday in English as that will help you. In maths you will be completing a task on multiplication and division. Finally in History you be be learning about the importance of the nile. Have fun!



Hello year 4 and happy Thursday. I hope you have all been working very hard this week learning and writing your poems. Today in English there is one task for all three groups and I can not wait to see the end result. In maths you are doing length and perimeter. Finally in the afternoon you will be practising and performing your poem to a family member. 



Happy Friday! Well done for finishing the week. Today you have a free write challenge based on a picture from lockdown. You also need to complete your spelling test and you maths test. Finally in the afternoon you have RE, where we are looking at places that are special to you. 


Miss Cook



This week is Mental Health Awareness week.


The theme for this week is 'Kindness'.


Here are some activities you can do this week which are all linked to Mental Health Awareness week.


What can you do to show kindness to someone this week?


Be kind to yourselves and each other.

Week Seven 18.5.2020 - 22.5.2020



Welcome to the last week before half term! This half term has just flown by and I have loved seeing the learning that you have sent to me. This week we will finally be writing our recount from the point of view of Howard Carter. Today, in maths, you will be dividing by 10. Finally, you will be completing another Science task. I am missing you lots and fingers crossed we will get to see each other again soon.



Hi year 4! This week is mental health week and the theme is kindness. I have attached some fun activities for you to do. In English, you will be writing paragraph two, in SPaG you are completing a task on inverted commas and in maths you are dividing by 100. I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying doing your learning.



Hello my lovely year 4! I have been loving this lovely sunshine and have managed to plan your home learning outside! What have you been up to? Today, we are continuing to write our recount from Howard Carter's perspective. In maths, you will be converting mm to cm and cm to mm. You have been dividing and multiplying by 10 so this will easy for you. Finally, I want you to complete an art task. Happy learning!



Happy Thursday year 4! I have lots of fun work for you today. You are writing two paragraphs today on Howard Carter entering the anti-chamber and burial chamber. In maths, you are converting cm to m and m to cm. Finally in science you are completing a task on how sound travels. Enjoy!



It's the last day of half term, which means next week is holidays! We are finishing off our recount on Howard Carter and doing our Maths and Spelling test. In the afternoon Mrs Thompson has created a fun art activity that we are also doing. 


I hope you all have a fantastic and safe week over the half term. I am missing you very much


Miss Cook




Week six 11.5.2020 - 15.5.2020


Happy Monday year 4! I hope you had a fantastic long weekend and celebrated VE day safely with your family. Today we will be starting our plan for our recount, drawing a timeline of the events. In maths you will be calculating the perimeter. Finally, you will complete another D&T activity. Thank you to all the people who have sent pictures through, I have loved seeing your fantastic learning.



Hello year 4! I hope you enjoyed your Monday learning. Today for English you will be continuing on with your plan for your recount by completing a boxed up plan. For SPaG you have a few tasks on how to use an apostrophe for possession. In maths you have a few tasks on area. Finally, you have another task to draw something different for art. I would LOVE to see your drawings so please take a picture of them and send it to



Happy Hump day! Halfway through the week already. Today in your English is part one of writing sentences for your recount. Remember if you are confused please go and look at group A or group B to help with your understanding. In maths we are multiplying by 10. I want you to think back to me jumping around the classroom yelling left larger, right reduce. Hopefully this will jog your memory. Finally in history you will be writing and drawing a timeline for the Ancient Egyptians. Enjoy!



Hi year 4! It was so lovely speaking to some of yesterday and hearing about what you have been doing lockdown. I think we have some budding chefs amongst us. Today in your learning you are continuing on with sentences for English, multiplying by 100 for Maths and continuing on sound for Science. Make sure you look at some of the other stars on the home learning page. I am loving the master chef star and have been cooking some recipes off it.



Happy Friyay!!!!! This week has really flown by. It is our usual Friday, so writing challenge, spelling test, timetables test and RE. I would love to hear how you are improving with your spellings and time table so please send me an email at with your results. Also, we normally have French on Friday, so why not click on the French star and practise you language skills. I am missing you all so much and fingers crossed I will get to see you soon!


Miss Cook



Hello Year 4!!

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It has been so lovely to speak to you and say hi! Make sure you send an email to so that we know who has seen the message so we can win the competition.

Victory Day in Europe


Victory Day marks the end of World War II in Europe, have a go at the quiz below and see how many questions you can get right!


Victory Day in Europe Quiz

Week five 4th May - 8th May


May the fourth be with you! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and kept safe. Have you seen the toilet paper challenge on the home learning page? We had so much fun making it!! This week is a short week, as we have a bank holiday for the 75th anniversary of VE day. I hope you enjoy your learning today as we are doing a bit of drama in English. I wish so much that I could see your fantastic drama skills, but I sure you will do a great job. Don't forget where your audience is.



Hi year 4! Hope you are all well and I am sure you are all working so hard on your learning challenges. Today, you will be completing a SPaG on contractions and writing a diary entry looking at contractions, past tense and time connectives - all our learning from the past three weeks. In the afternoon, you can complete an art task. I would love to see your pictures so please send them through to

It has been so fantastic to see some of the drawing that people have sent through.



Happy Wednesday year 4! Have you seen the VE quiz above, as well as the bunting? I've tried the quiz and some of the questions are a little tricky. I suggest you complete the guiding reading before, as it is on VE day so it might help you. I hope you still have your acting skills ready to go, because today in English you will be Howard Carter in the Hot Seat! In maths we are continuing on with angles and ordering them. Finally in science there are some great videos for you to watch explaining sound. Have fun!



It's the end of our short week. Tomorrow is a bank holiday which means it is an extra day off for everyone. Today, your work will mostly be about VE day, the reason we are having a day off. I want you to really think about the importance of this day and how our past history has shaped us as a nation today. There are some fun activities in the afternoon that you get choose to do. I hope you enjoy them.


Miss Cook



Week 4 - April 27th - 1st May



Welcome to a new week! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine and stay safe. Great news, I now have an email address that you can send me questions and update me on your learning. It is . Please make sure you tell me who it is emailing so I know. Looking forward to hearing from all of you about how well you are doing with your home learning.



Hello year 4, I hope you enjoyed your Monday learning tasks. Today in English, you will be completing SPaG and a writing task related to past tense. Please make sure you do the SPaG before the writing as it will help you with your learning. Make sure you have a look at our other pages in Home Learning. You can sing along with Scott in the music star, and make sure you have a look at the Masterchef star, lots of delicious recipes there. 



Happy Wednesday! Can you believe we are half way through the week? Today we have lots of fun learning challenges for you, and a great history lesson to get you thinking about the Ancient Egyptians. It would normally be our PE day, so why not click on the PE star on the main home learning page and complete one of the activities. I have been working out with Joe Wicks and I think I am becoming both fitter and stronger. Remember if you have any questions or you just want to say hi, send me an email at



Hey year 4! I was in school yesterday and it was so odd not seeing all your smiling faces and having a laugh with you. Today for English you will be doing a storyboard. Your instructions for the task are on the group writing pages, but the example of this is saved underneath and called storyboard. In maths you will be completing rounding tasks. Finally, in science we are starting our new topic, sound. Enjoy!!



Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!! I can not believe we are in May, this year is going so quickly! Today in your learning you have a free writing activity, where you can write any way you want, so make sure you have fun. Also, you need to complete your spelling test and your maths quiz. It would be fantastic if you could send me an email telling me how you went in your tests


Have a safe and happy weekend


Miss Cook


Week 3 - 20th April  - 24th April


Welcome back Year 4! We hope you have had a great break and have been keeping safe. Our home learning page is looking different but it is much easier for you to use. All you need to do is click on the group you are in below and it will take you to your task. Remember if you are in Group A you need to now try Group B, if you are in Group B you must try Group C. When you are completing your Art tasks and your Science, engineering and D&T tasks these are available under the home learning task heading. We are all missing you very much looking forward to seeing you.


Miss Cook and Miss Ogneva


Day English Maths




(20th April)

Writing task group A

Writing task group B

Writing task group C


Maths task group A

Maths task group B

Science, engineering

and D&T activity 



(21st April)


Writing task group A

Writing task group B

Writing task group C

Maths task group A

Maths task group B

Art activity


(22nd April)

Writing task group A

Writing task group B

Writing task group C

Guided reading group A & B

Guided reading group C

Maths task group A

Maths task group B

History quiz

What else do you know about

Ancient Egypt?

Can you create your own quiz

to test your family?


(23rd April)

Writing task group A

Writing task group B

Writing task group C

Guided reading

Maths task group A

Maths task group B

Science quiz


(24th April)

Free writing challenge

Spelling test - get an adult to test you 

Times tables practice 





Happy Friday 4C!


We hope you are all keeping safe and we know you will be working hard on your home learning. It was fantastic to see Paul and his brother doing a great science experiment. It looked like a lot of fun!


We are changing things up a little. We will now be having three groups:

  • Group A 
  • Group B
  • Group C 


If you were in Group A, try working in Group B to challenge yourself. If you were in Group B I want you to try Group C.


Over the holidays we want you all to write a diary entry from the film "Taking Flight" that we have been looking at the last week. An example for all three groups have been added below. Also, we want you to to visit and practise timetables test everyday. Record your results and see how much you can improve!! Make sure you are still reading everyday too as this will help you expand your knowledge and vocabulary.


We are all missing you very much and playing tomato ketchup with you.


Miss Cook, Miss Ogneva, Hina, Nydia and Chevonne





Miss Cook and Miss Ogneva are very excited to see what you create in this challenge. Make sure you send your pictures and recipes through to

Hello 4C and welcome to week two!


All of the Year 4 adults are very much missing seeing your faces every morning, smiling and laughing. We hope you are enjoying your tasks and are working very hard on them. 


This week we are doing our learning a bit differently. In English we will be looking at one video and you will be completing a variety of tasks on it over the next five days. In Maths we are focusing on skills we have already learnt, which means when we are back at school you will be experts on them. 


Keep practising your timetables, your spellings and read everyday.


Hoping to see you soon,


Miss Cook and Miss Ogneva