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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Year 4 2019-2020


Welcome back all to school and to your new year 4 class. This year your year 4 teacher is and Miss Cook and I'm very excited about this year and getting to know you. We will also have Miss Ogneva, Hina,  Chevonne, Nydia and Richard working with us.


Swimming will be on a Monday and PE will be on a Wednesday. Please make sure that you have the correct PE kit for both those days. 


Homework is given out on a Friday and will consist of spellings and times tables, which you will be tested on every week. 


Spelling words for week ending 13/9/2019


Set A

Set B


























Summer Term 2019

Welcome back year 4 to the final term this year. This term we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians in history and our science topic is Sound.


I order to help you find some good website we have set up a wibki page with websites that we think you will find useful and interesting. To access these links simply click on the image below or on the link underneath it.

wibki page


Don't forget that we will also be having a times tables test later this term and practising your times tables every week will really help you. There are links on the maths page of the wibki page to help you.



Wimbledon Common Trip 2019


All of year 4 visited Wimbledon common on our annual trip there. Thankfully it was a beautiful day and the rain stayed away. We travelled there by bus and once there walked around the common using maps and compasses to help us navigate around. There was so much to see and we used our tree and bird keys to help us identify many of the species that live on the common. We also spotted a rabbit - for some reason it ran away from us? We also saw a lot of different birds species and they too flew away too! We even saw a few frogs in the grass areas near the pond and yes you guessed it - they hopped away! As we got closer to lunch time we managed to climb up and down the hills that are near the windmill. It was quite exhausting climbing up but well worth it when we were able to run down; some children even rolled down the hill. Mahy of the children had never been to the common and were amazed at how big it was and that there was so much to see. Hopefully some of them may return there again over the summer. It's just a but ride away from Putney bridge on the 93 so why not pack a picnic and race your parents and friends down the hill!

Homework 24.5.19


Set A Set B
non-stick Megan's
non-stop Ravi's
non-starter the girl's
non-smoker the child's
nonsense the man's
non-fiction the woman's
non-drip the school's
non-violent a dog's
non-profit a teacher's
non-believer a postman's


Homework 17.5.19


Set A Set B
exit can't
extend didn't
explode hasn't
excursion couldn't
exchange it's
export wouldn't
exclaim shouldn't
expel wasn't
external Mr
exterior Mrs


Homework 10.5.19


Set A Set B
autopilot station
autograph fiction
autbiography motion
autonomy national
automatic section
automobile addition
autofocus subtraction
autopsy potion
autocue option
autocorrect introduction


Homework 3.5.19


Set A Set B
antiseptic badly
anticlockwise hopeless      
antisocial penniless
antidote happily
antibiotic lovely
antivenom joyless
anti-ageing slowly
antifreeze quickly
antiperspirant careless
antigravity fearless


Homework 26.4.19


Set A Set B
interact  library
interfere summary
intercity February
international primary
intermediate dictionary
internet secondary
intergalactic boundary
interrupt ordinary
intervene salary
interlude necessary


Homework 5.4.19

You have all been given your two maths papers from your test this week. Over the spring holiday you need to go through the ones that you got wrong. Please get your adult to sign your tests.


Set A Set B
length even
strength break
purpose steak
history great
different move
separate prove
suppose improve
therefore sure
knowledge sugar
difficult eye


Homework 29.3.19

Set A Set B
solve television
solution treasure
insoluble usual
dissolve division
solvent vision
sign pleasure
signature measure
assign occasion
design usually
signal leisure


Word of the week  = glimpse 



    a momentary or partial view.

    "she caught a glimpse of the ocean"

    synonyms: brief look, quick look;



    see or perceive briefly or partially.

    "he glimpsed a figure standing in the shade"

    synonyms: catch sight of, catch/get a glimpse of, see briefly, get a sight of, notice, discern, spot, spy, sight, note, pick out, make out; More


Can you use it in a sentence as a verb or a noun?


Family weekend at the Victoria and Albert Museum


On Saturday Mrs Thompson, Miss Cook and Yemi met a group of year 4 student outside school and travelled to the V&A museum together. We had a fantastic day creating designs in both 2 and 3d. We were also able to go and watch a short play aboutPolito's Royal Menagerie. We even had a few past students join us! Thanks to Yemi, the artist that has been working with us and to all the parents for getting up early on a Saturday and coming with us to the museum.

Family weekend at the V&A


Homework 22.3.19


Set A Set B
phone word
phonics work
microphone worm
telephone world
homophone worth
real worst
reality war
realistic warm
unreal towards
realisation ward


Science week paper airplane challenge

Science week paper airplane challenge 1

If you want some help making a paper plane for our science week challenge why not try this website. Click on the link below to go to the site. Remember to bring in your planes on Wednesday 13th March.

Reading Bingo Challenge

Homework Friday 8th March 2019


Set A Set B
centre key
century donkey
certain monkey
recent chimney
experience   valley
sentence trolley
notice turkey
celebrate hockey
ceremony parsley
certificate journey


Year 4 Multiplication test



As of next year the government are introducing a times tables text for the year 4 students. You will have to answer 25 questions and you will be given 6 seconds to answer each one. If you want to practice your times tables and make sure you are ready for this test click on the link below to take you to the Collins free times tables test

When you go to the website you will be able to change the settings so that you can practice specific times tables or all of them. You can also change the number of questions and the amount of time.

Homework Friday 1st March


Set A Set B
science other
crescent mother
discipline brother
fascinate nothing
scent Monday
scissors money
ascent cover
descent honey
scientist discover
scenery wonder


Homework Friday 15th February


Set A Set B
girls' fast
boys' last
babies' father
parents' class
teachers' grass
women's' pass
men's plant
children's  path
people's bath
mice's people


Homework Friday 8th February


Set A Set B
submerge all
subheading ball
submarine call
subordinate walk
subway talk
superman always
supervise small
supersede wall
superpower fall
superhuman altogether


Year 4 Barnacle Bill acrostic poems

Year 4 Barnacle Bill acrostic poems 1
Year 4 Barnacle Bill acrostic poems 2

For pirate week we had great fun learning about the golden age of pirates. We learnt nautical terms, pirate language, details about what it was like to be a pirate and we even met Barnacle Bill. To honour him we have written an acrostic poem about him.

Homework 1.2.2019


Set A


Set B


creation patting
radiation patted
indication  humming
ventilation hummed
relegation dropping
dedication dropped
demonstration sadder
abbreviation saddest
translation runner
vibration runny


Maths Olympics


In order to improve our times tables every week we challenge ourselves with a Maths Olympics test. The test is limited to 3 minutes exactly and ranges between 24 and 100 questions. As you move up the medals, it becomes more challenging. Below is a list of the times tables that you need to complete for each level. Every week we expect you to practice the times tables for the level that you are on. By the end of the year, you need to know all the times tables up to 12x12.



Times tables

Quarter finals


Semi finals

x2 and x5 tables


X2, x5 and x10


x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10


x3, x4, x6 and x11


x7, x8, x9 and x12

European championship

All tables – 60 questions

Olympic medal

All tables  - 100 questions


If you want t practice online try using this website to help you



Spellings 25.1.19

If there are any words that you are not familiar with please make sure that you look them up in a dictionary or speak to someone on your family about them.

Set A

Set A

Set B        

information hiking
adoration hiked
sensation hiker
preparation nicer
education nicest
location shiny
exaggeration being
concentration shinning
imagination scary
organisation scaring



Happy New Year 2019!


Welcome back year 4! Mrs Thompson and Miss Cook are really looking forward to the spring term as we have some exciting things planned.


In English, we are going to be reading the Butterfly Lion in our guided reading sessions. We have chosen this book not only because its a great book but it is also written by Michael Morpurgo whose farm we are going to visit in the summer term (There are still some place available for this amazing trip so if you are interested please speak to your teacher or to Janet in the office)


We will be working with an artist and The Victoria and Albert Museum this term on a project. This will involve us visiting the museum to create some artwork which will eventually be displayed in the V&A! There will also be an opportunity for you and your parents to visit a weekend workshop at the museum where you will have the opportunity to work with the artist creating some of your own artwork. The artist will also be coming into school on the 15th  January and you will have the chance to meet her. Yemi is a textiles artist and before she went to university studied at the Fulham girls school!


Letters will be sent home shortly to tell you what dates we will be visiting the museum and when the open morning is. Luckily you should all have a fabulous calendar that your child made which you can mark these dates on!



Our multimedia snow-globe calendars

Our multimedia snow-globe calendars 1
Our multimedia snow-globe calendars 2
Our multimedia snow-globe calendars 3
Our multimedia snow-globe calendars 4
Our multimedia snow-globe calendars 5
Our multimedia snow-globe calendars 6

Money Money Money....


We have been very lucky to have Cecelia from Ooberkids come into year 4. Over the next few weeks she will be teaching us all about money. Our first lesson involved learning about economics and what makes a market. 


On  the Ooberkids website there are a lot of videos that you can watch to help you learn more about this very useful topic.

To find out more click on the image below or go to this website



Year 4 2018-2019


Welcome back all to school and to your new year 4 class. This year your year 4 teachers are Mrs Thompson and Miss Cooke and we are both really excited about this year. We will also have Chevonne, Jonathan and Nydia working with us.


Swimming will be on a Monday and PE will be on a Wednesday. Please make sure that you have the correct PE kit for both those days. 


Homework is given out on a Friday and will consist of spellings and times tables, which you will be tested on every week. 

Welcome to Year 4!

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! smiley
For our Science topic this half term we are looking at states of matter. To start the topic off we used our categorisation skills and sorted a range of materials into either a solid, a liquid or a gas. The one material that everyone found hard to put into a category was shaving foam! After much debate we decided that it wasn't easy to classify but was probably a solid!
Alba form MEND came into our classes and gave us a workshop on sugar. We learnt just how much sugar there was un some of our favourite drinks. Just to make us make aware of how much this was we made piles of sugar cubes next to the drinks so that we could easily see just how much it was! We then looked at the sugar content of foods that we eat and were taught how to read the sugar content of foods. 
To start the year off we have been looking at calendars in Maths and so decided to make some in our Art lesson. We used mixed media to create these pictures. Our pictures were taken using a digital camera, we used paint and a sponging technique for the cloud background and cut out a silhouette for the cityscape.