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Succeeding on the Journey through Lifelong Learning

Year 5

The Anglo Saxons


In history this term we will be researching into the Anglo Saxons. If you would like to do some research in the topic to help you check out these websites.




Why not makes some notes of all the facts that you find and share them with the class.


Welcome Back


After a well-deserved summer holiday we are now all refreshed and ready to come back to school. This year in year 5 Mrs Thompson and Miss Kosmidis are looking forward to a fantastic year and have already been busy planning all the amazing things that you will learn this year. 


Some basic information that will help prepare you for the year ahead is as follows:


PE - is on Monday afternoon so please bring in your full PE kit. This year we would also like you to keep your trainers in your bag so you are ready to do some 'Body boosting' throughout the week to help improve our general fitness.


Homework -  this will be handed out on a Friday. It will consist of spellings and maths practice. From time to time you will also be given some additional work.  We expect to have your homework record book back by Wednesday signed by and adult (you will be taking home your spelling tests so that if you get any words wrong you can continue to practice them). You will also be expected to continue to practice your times tables and we will continue on with the weekly times tables tests to improve fluency and accuracy.


To help you with your times tables visit this site


Reading -  we cannot emphasise enough the importance of reading and you are expected to read every day. We would recommend at least a half-hour spent reading at the very minimum. You are welcome to read books from home, the local library or borrow a book form the classroom. You may find you want to read other things from time to time such as newspapers or magazines. The more you read and the greater variety of things that you read the better your general knowledge will be and your writing will also improve. In fact, reading helps you be a better person!



Reading Bingo Challenge


Hope you have a fantastic final week in 5B & 5K!

Rob Ryan Paper cutting

In Art and Design, we have been making art based on the work of printmaker and paper cutting artist Rob Ryan. We made paper cuts depicting some of the urban myths and legends about London; that we read and studied on London History Day.

The Epping Forest Deadly Pool

The Highgate Cemetery Vampire

Into University FOCUS Day Trip 

Both year 5 classes have be gone back to Into University at the Star Community Centre next week. The trips were a focus day, where the classes learnt about publishing and created their own class poetry anthology. They got the chance to learn about bookbinding, bind their own anthologies and improve their proof-reading and editing skills. Here is a sample of some of the lovely poems, or come to our classes and read them yourself.

Our Trip to Cirque du Soleil’s Totem



On the 25th of January we went to see Cirque du Soleil's Totem at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience world-class performers and a great start to this term's D&T project based on the show. The trip also had many cross-curricular links as our geography topic this term is North and South America and gymnastics is the PE focus is this term too.


This term, Year 5 are involved in an exciting engineering project. They are working in groups to create a model inspired by Cirque Du Solei with the help from with Rolls Royce engineers. Year 5 will learn about the design process, as well as various mechanisms in models to make them move. 


Here is our progress so far.... Keep a look out for further updates!






Room 13

In year 5 we will be reading 'Room 13' - a mystery and suspense story, and applying the focus reading strategies each week. The reading strategies include; making predictions, summarising, inferring, questioning, visualising and building our vocabulary knowledge. Through the reading of Room 13, we focus on improving students reading fluency and accuracy.


Students had the opportunity to write their own nightmare stories inspired my our class book. Here are some of our freeze frames that captures each part of their short nightmare story.





We complete many hands on tasks, which include investigations that require; making predictions, observing, recording results, comparing and analysing data in order to make conclusions. 


This is our recent investigation - upthrust Force.

Children learnt that the bigger the surface area the more upthrust and therefore the more coins their boat structure could hold.




Throughout year 5, we will be looking at a number of different maths topics.
Below are a few links to help you with your learning.






Number Facts


Multiply and divide by 10, 100 or 1000





In year 5 we are focusing on reading, spelling and vocabulary.

Summer 2 Week 6 July 12th

Task 1.

Children should be reading for at least 15 minutes per night and getting their reading record signed by an adult to prove they have done this. This is to improve on their reading accuracy and fluency

Children are working through a list of spellings (found in their reading record) in which they are required to learn by the end of year 5. Children have 5 words to learn per week. Our spelling tests are on Fridays. Any words that children do not learn, they add back into their spelling homework to make sure they learn.


Task 2.

Write out your spelling words 3 x (this is so you can practice, reading, saying the word and spelling it correctly) Pick 5-10 words from this term you have found difficult.



You are able to complete additional homework by finding the synonyms and antonyms for their spelling words.

Task 3

Complete 10 or more questions from the past SAT paper in the link:


Don't have homework book or spellings?


If children don't have their spelling words with them because they were away etc.- they can choose 5 of their own words from their reading book. These are words that children may find interesting, or have never heard of before. This gives them an opportunity to build their vocabulary and learn new words which would benefit their writing.


Multiplication is also required for children who still need to learn them. Children are required to learn all tables up to 12.